Cropping images for social media is fairly common task, and one that Photoshop can excel at. In this tutorial, Matthew Pizzi – curriculum director at professional learning platform Pluralsight – shows you the best way to create a Photoshop file that lets you to easily export images for different social media posts and platforms.

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I've used personal images for my own social media presence here – but the same rules apply for brand pages and presences.

There are a ton of different image sizes across the different social media channels. For reference, here are the specs for the most popular: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The Facebook dimensions for posts are 1,200 x 630px, 1,200 x 627px and 1,200 x 717px.

For cover photos and profile photos, the dimensions are 828 x 315px and 180 x 180px.

With LinkedIn, there is the profile image and the career cover photo, the dimensions are: 400 x 400px for the profile photo and 974 x 330px for the cover photo

Likewise, we have several for Twitter: 400 x 400px for the profile photo, 1,500 x 500px for the header photo and 440 x 220px for the in-stream photo.

See Matthew Pizzi's Photoshop CC for the Web tutorials

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