Step 7
Repeat Step 6 until you have a number of striking diagonal lines going across the image like the example shown above.

Open the Layer Style dialog and in the Outer Glow menu, set the blending mode to Screen, the opacity to 77%, the colour to solid, the technique to Softer, and the range to 30%. The glow’s colour should be #ff0000.

Step 8
Create a new layer and, using the Polygon tool (U) set to three-sided shapes, create a triangle. Set the layer fill to 0% and its blending mode to Overlay. In the Layer Styles palette set the values to those shown in the screengrab. Repeat this three times to get three triangles in separate layers.

Step 9
Open abstract lines.psd from the cover CD or the Zip file attached, and copy-and-paste these into the area where the figure will be. Set the layer’s opacity to 17%.

Step 10
Create a new layer and make some white lines at a 45º angle, using the Line tool (U) set to two pixels wide. As in step 6, hold Shift to make a straight line. Now the background is completed.

Step 11
Now open the Rise of Sumo character from the cover CD, copy it and place it where the abstract lines are so that it’s above all the previous layers. With the Magic Wand tool (W) make a selection around the character and invert the selection (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + I), create a new layer and fill the selection with black.