Step 2
Download the cloud brushes created by JavierZhX on deviantArt at then load them. Create a new layer and use the brushes to start creating some clouds in white and various tones of grey.

Step 3
Create a new layer, and download the nebula brushes created by Matkraken from deviantArt at Load the brushes as shown on the palette and use the different settings to make some stars in the sky. Next create sofog around the central area where we’ll be placing the character.

Step 4
Go to and download the lightning brushes created by *Adaae-stock. Load the brushes and paint lighting forks around the area where you are going to set your character. Double-click on the layer in the Layers Palette to open the Layer Styles dialog box. In the Drop Shadow menu, set the blending mode’s opacity to 65%, the angle to 120º, and tick both the Use Global Light and the Layer Knocks Out Drop Shadow boxes. In the Outer Glow menu, set the blending mode to Screen, the opacity to 75%, the colour to solid, and the range to 50%. The drop shadow should be #ff7814, and the outer glow should be #fffecc.

Step 5
Create a new layer and set the blending mode to Soft Light, then use a round brush to add some black in the corners. In a new layer, use an off-white brush to add some dots around the lightning, then copy the layer styles you applied in step 4.

Step 6
Create a new layer and, using the polygonal lasso tool (L), make a selection like the one you see here – with one side straight at 45º. To do this, hold Shift and move the cursor to create a perfectly angled line. Now pick a round white brush and brush a little around the straight line.