Alessandro Lingua is a thinker with a BA in Design for Graphic Communication and a MA in Graphic Design. He’s currently working at Firedog Design in London.

Firedog is an energetic and talented creative agency, set centre stage in London’s Hoxton Square. Their core skills focus on branding and digital, and in particular, the areas where they meet.

Firedog blends intelligent creativity with a sincere collaborative approach, consistently delivering powerful results for their clients. And most importantly, their business is built on a foundation of warmth, heart and an all-round positive attitude. Firedog's website is here.

This tutorial explains the creative process behind one of the photo-illustration in the 2013 Barbican Classical Music campaign by London-based Firedog. We used portrait photographs of models and juxtaposed them with images of hard architectural structures and dream-like landscapes. The images reflect the intense emotions felt when listening to classical music.

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For more information, see our story on Firedog’s Barbican campaign.

Time to complete

4 hours

Software needed

Photoshop CS4 or later

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