Takumer Homma is a freelance concept artist and a digital illustrator for the entertainment industry who’s made a transition from automotive industry in 2012. He dreams and aims to work in films.

This tutorial by freelance concept artist Takumer Homma is a journey in creating a robot painting in Photoshop – though his techniques would work just as well in Corel Painter or even physical paints.

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Here Takumer has focussed on art fundamentals such as gesture, lighting, tonal value, and composition.  We will approach the painting using traditional art principles – using a series of the abstract shapes to establish the lights and the darks.

This is an approach that can be used in concept paintings for quick ideas and mood sketches to save time – while still allowing you to efficiently build on thwse to creating a convincing final artwork.

Takumer says that before jumping into painting, always start with some research to give yourself a head start and a direction – and a lot of reference images. Try not to rush this step, relax and be open to what you see.

While there are a great many Photoshop brushes he could have used for this tutorial – including many available for free online, Takumer found that he got best results using the default hard and soft round brushes for all except for the background. 

Time to complete

4 hours

Software needed

Photoshop CS5 or later

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