Murilo Maciel is a 26-year-old illustrator from Brazil, and works as a freelance designer under the creative identity GrafikDust. His style tends to be an organic mix of different media – from photos and vectors through to handmade elements and textures. He cites movies, music, London, and psychedelia as key influences in his work.

In this tutorial, Toronto-based Murilo Maciel will reveal how he used Photoshop to create a fashion illustration with lighting effects, based around themes of beauty and light.

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He describes this artwork – and the techniques behind it – as a more contemporary version of the first piece he ever created for us, back in 2007 (read it at here).

Murilo will detail the essential skills behind a modern fashion illustration – such as the subtle use of Photoshop’s retouch tool – and also show some lighting techniques that will give an extra sparkle to your artwork. Finally, he’ll demonstrate how adjustment layers can help you to quickly change the overall mood.

In the project files, you’ll find some 3D shapes that Murilo has created for this piece – though you can create your own. The core photography in this tutorial is from Shutterstock and can be downloaded from, and – but the techniques can be applied to any well-lit model shot, and Murilo believes you’ll learn more when adapting what’s detailed here to your own photography and style of work. “Use the techniques to create something new, adapt them, mix them up,” he explains. “Use new things you have learned before.”

Time to complete 

5 hours


Photoshop CS5 or later

Project Files

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