Step 4 Open up the image of your model. Select the Pen tool (P)and trace the outline of the image. Try and be as accurate as you can; in this case I’ve purposely avoided cutting out her ponytail, taking into consideration the composition of the piece. Using the same technique as Step 3, put the cut-out of the model onto its own layer.

Step 5 Create a new A4 document at 300dpi. This is where we use the Ellipse tool (E) to create our basic composition. I find circles easier to work with when laying out the different areas.

Step 6 Open up the image of the model you cut out earlier and drag the cut-out layer into your new document on top of the circles you’ve created. Position the model where you want her to sit within your piece.

Step 7 Click Add layer mask on the model layer on your new document.