Andrew is a freelance illustrator based in France. His clients have included GQ magazine, Google, Mercedes-Benz, Wired and the Financial Times. His retro-tinged illustrations are inspired by a passion for Tintin books and mid-20th century abstract painting.

Andrew is represented by the illustration agency Handsome Frank. His birds prints can be bought through its online shop.

This Photoshop tutorial will demonstrate how effective use of textures and shading can bring a sense of depth and complexity to relatively simple forms – techniques that can be applied to any illustration subject. 

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Here, Andrew Lyons has applied it to an illustration of a swan, one of a series of birds he created for a client packaging project.

The aesthetic style the client sought was one of reduced, elegant forms – an approach found in much of his work. Although he often uses photo references as a starting point, Andrew believes it’s important to develop drawings beyond exact representation. Whether he’s illustrating figures or animals, he tries to abstract and simplify to create something that’s both pleasing to the eye and which brings out the inner nature of the subject.

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