For Maciej ‘Valp’ Hajnrich, art and design has always been something more than just a profession. Based in Katowice, Poland, the self-taught freelance artist  has five years of experience in print and web design.

After years of experimentation, Maciej has established himself as a considerable creative digital force; his imaginative style displays a high attention to detail, colours and textures.

Maciej has produced work for Warner Music, Odeon Film Studio, Platige Image and Armada Skis, as well as delivering illustrations for Priscilla Queen of the Desert musical.

The Number 1 album Immersion by drum n’ rockers Pendulum features a photo-illustrative cover by Polish artist Maciej Hajnrich (aka Valp), which was also used across the Collector’s Box Set, including double vinyl, postcards and a bunch of merchandise.

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Here, Hajnrich shows off the techniques for photo manipulation, retouching and editing he brought to bear on the cover. It was created in collaboration with album cover guru Storm Thorgerson, best known for covers including Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.  

The real creative challenge for Immersion was to achieve an original and natural-looking scenario merged with some hyper-real techniques. The more you look at the cover, the more you can see. It’s designed to hypnotize and immerse the viewer.

Time to complete

20-30 hours


Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher

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