Freelance illustrator and designer Mark Mayers is based in Cornwall. With over 18 years’ experience, he can recall life before Macs and is a reformed technophobe.

Mark now writes tutorials for leading publishers worldwide, and has won several awards, including MetalFX Designer of the Year.

In this tutorial Mark Mayers show you how to seamlessly blend 3D models into your 2D composites using Photoshop. You’ll discover how easy it is to roll, rotate and slide complex models within 3D space.

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We’ll start off by transforming an everyday city scene into a war zone by incorporating a dramatic sky, then adding some spectacular explosion effects. Next, we’ll use Poser to load and export some Martian war machines to wreak havoc in the streets. We’ll then build up the scene by adding some extra details, such as shadows and atmospheric effects using layers and blending modes.


Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended or later
Daz Poser 3D

Time to complete

4 hours

Project Files

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