Michael Kammerer’s abstract works feature heavy doses of typography and geometrical shapes. Here he shows you how to produce an illustration based on the letters D and A (Why those two, I wonder… – Ed.) in a kind of dismembered style.

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The plan will be to use Illustrator to create some basic abstract forms and import them into Photoshop as Smart Objects. Then you will learn to assemble these elements into a whole that has an arresting intricacy as well as integrity.

The tutorial also covers working with textures and some colouring tricks Michael relies on. These techniques can be very useful, not only for abstract illustrations but also to help you to get a better feel for composition in general.

Time to Complete

3 - 5 hours


Illustrator CS3 or later, Photoshop CS3 or later

Project Files

Files for this tutorial are downloadable from here.

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