Tom Kemp Starley is a freelance graphic and web designer based in Stratford. 

He says: “Art has always been my thing – I’ve always loved mixing creative thinking with modern technology. I enjoy playing with different styles and amalgamating them together. It’s fun to push boundaries with shapes and composition.”

With this design you’ll create a surreal-feeling composition by combining imagery inspired by the 1940s with an Egyptian landscape – in fact, a scene that’s straight out of Indiana Jones. To do this, you’ll use overlay effects, filters and exposure to create a realistic, hot, starched feel, and will place shapes to produce abstract designs. 

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In addition, you’ll learn how to use brushes to replicate clouds, dust and grime, how to add foreground blur to objects to give the impression of depth, and will also see how the Warp tool can manipulate shapes. 

Our tutorial will show you how to enhance detail with Curves, and how to match different tones with hue and saturation. You’ll also be working with the Pen tool to mask and edit stock images and learn a great trick to mask hair.

All these techniques are invaluable and can be used to create a huge range of effects. Most of the images and brushes used in this tutorial can be downloaded free from stock.xchng and

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