Though compositing images together is a commonplace task, doing it right when there are a lot of objects to assemble is always tricky, especially when they are all lit differently.

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Erik Herrström says there is a way to succeed. By colourising everything to the same colour temperature and contrast, you can make it look as if all the elements came from the same shoot.

Here he shows you how to add different lighting effects in Photoshop using brushes, the Lasso tool and adjustment layers. The goal is to create an image with a deep blue/magenta cast, in keeping with the cold outer-space backdrop. You will also learn to add simple shadows. Finally Eric shows how to use adjustment layers and filters to get the look you want.

To follow the tutorial directly, you will need Erik’s head shot of a clown from the project files, plus extra circus-themed images and photos of spotlights (to tie in with some of the lighting effects).

Time to complete

6-7 hours



Project Files

The files for this tutorial are downloadable from here.

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