Step 11 Now we’ll add a few smaller elements for additional depth and to give the viewer more to discover. Using the process outlined in Step 8, create the additional spheres arrowed above. Also, add another smooth cube (with texture), as well as another dark grey circle like the one created in Step 6. Make this one small and place it near the floating island. 

Step 12 Add the deer from 18037611.jpg and yet another smooth cube (with texture) to the land. Duplicate them and flatten using Transform > Distort to create the shadows. Darken them by applying a Color Overlay Layer Effect: select a black colour and set the opacity to 60%. Using a small brush (set your pen pressure to opacity if you’re using a tablet), paint some lines rising like wispy smoke from the smooth cube.

Step 13 In Illustrator, type an ‘S’ in Times New Roman, then go to Effects > 3D > Extrude and Bevel and, with the Preview option checked, adjust the angle to match the lighting in the artwork. Click on More Options and change the Shading Color to none. Copy and paste the 3D ‘S’ into Photoshop, then partly erase the ends to make it more abstract, and add texture.