Step 8 Duplicate the lens flare from Step 6 and put it above smooth sphere.jpg with the blending mode set to Overlay. Add bright blue photo filters to both spheres, setting the blending mode of the smooth sphere’s filter to Exclusion. Break up the edge of the lens flare for added interest. Now bring the result in as shown.

Step 9 Copy-and-paste new sphere.tif into the artwork again, placing it beneath the largest sphere and above one of the V-shapes. With a soft brush, paint black onto the sphere’s upper left. Open original sphere.tif and copy-and-paste it above the new sphere.tif render, setting its blending mode to Hard Light. Open liquid dots.tif and copy-and-paste its contents to the right of the cube.

Step 10 Add the number ‘8’ in Times New Roman using the Text tool (T). Place the ‘8’ above the largest sphere and to the left of its centre. Save the whole image as a JPEG and bring it back into the original PSD, placing it inside the ‘8’ using a clipping mask.