Step 2 Add an inverted triangle with the Custom Shape tool (U). Double-click on the layer in the Layers panel. In the Layer Style dialog, click on the Bevel and Emboss option, then select a Style of Inner Bevel, a Technique of Chisel Hard and a Depth of around 520%. Set the Direction to Down, the Size to 43px and Soften to 1px.

Open 16503195.jpg and create a clipping mask above the triangle. With the Lasso tool (L), carve out the two smaller V-shapes as shown.

Step 3 Open Mountain.jpg and cut out the tip of the peak as shown. Flip it upside down, copy-and-paste it into the main artwork and position it below the V-shapes. Select another area of the photo to create a top for what will be a floating island. To make the crumbling effect, duplicate the island and then use Layer > Layer Mask > Hide All. Paint small sections back in until you get the desired result.

Step 4 Draw the central light beam as a thin rectangle with a slight outer glow and a purple-to-orange gradient (as a Gradient Overlay in the Layer Style). In a new layer, draw a black square with the Marquee tool (M). Create a lens flare (Render > Lens Flare) inside it and move the square so the flare sits at the beam’s top end. Set the blending mode to Color Dodge. In the Adjustments panel, click the Photo Filter icon and add a blue filter with a density of 100%. Now repeat to put a lens flare at the bottom of the beam.