This photomontage by Serbian illustrator Becha was created for an haute couture fashion editorial called Silent Spring that appeared in her home country’s Faar magazine. It showcases the brightly coloured clothes and shoes of designer Ana Ljubinkovic, which are perfectly complemented by Vesna’s high-end photo-illustration style.

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The work features photographic elements shot by Miloš Nadaždin ( in his studio, and hand-drawn type and elements created by Becha.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to incorporate all these elements into one image and get a dreamy, surreal atmosphere inspired by nature. Becha explains how to make ceramic facial masks that match a model’s face and how to give vector lettering a three-dimensional look. She also looks at how textures can be used to enhance an atmosphere and how adjustment layers can integrate unusual elements.

Time to complete 

3 hours


Photoshop CS3 or later


Files for this tutorial can be downloaded from here. These files are for use only as part of following this tutorial and must not be used for other projects – including commercial projects.

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