Step 14 Detail is one of the finishing touches, and for that we’ll be adding some insects and lizards. Grab snake.jpg and add it to the stick bearing the flag. Using a layer mask, erase parts of it, so it appears wrapped around the stick. Also add a spider on the flag and apply a basic drop shadow in the blending options.

Step 15 The man in the image is looking at us, but he ought to be looking in the direction in which he’s heading. To fix this, I’ve sourced a head facing the correct way and wrapped in a scarf. Apply a layer mask to the man layer and erase his head. Using the techniques we applied for the animals, do the same for the new head, and position and scale to fit.

Step 16 Finally, add some finishing touches, such as the adornments to the man shown. Let’s also change the mood of the piece. We’ll experiment with the colour balance by adding a gradient map and colour balance and brightness/contrast adjustment layers at the top of the layer stack. Also, apply texture.jpg with an Overlay blending mode at 30% opacity, and place this layer just above the layer with the clouds we added earlier.

Mike Harrison

Who: For the past seven years, Mike Harrison has been using his skills in the fields of graphic design, illustration, motion and photography – which have all long since become more than just a passionate hobby for this London-based freelance designer. Aged 26, Mike says he’s always striving to adapt to the ever-changing design scene, while hoping to inspire others along the way.
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4
Time to complete: 5-6 hours

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