Step 8 Time for the flag. Open flag.jpg and, using the technique previously outlined, cut it out and place it into the main document. Scale it, rotate it into position and use the earlier steps to add the appropriate lighting. Add a layer mask to the flag layer and then, using a small hard brush, erase parts away to achieve a ‘torn’ look to the bottom.

Step 9 Now we’ll add some distress to the flag. Using a brush such as the ones at, brush onto the flag with a layer mask to create this effect. Then with a logo of your choice, bring it into the document, set the blending mode to Multiply, and select Filter > Liquify and distort it
a little, so it blends well onto the flag.

Step 10 Start adding animals. Find a lion image – I used the one at, cut it out as you did with the earlier elements, and bring it into the document. Increase the brightness and contrast to make it stand out, then apply the same lighting and shadow techniques as you used for the man.