Step 2 Create a new A4 document at 300dpi, then crop a portion off the top, so you end up with a ‘widescreen’ canvas. Place the file, landscape.jpg, then go to Image > Adjustments and increase the brightness and contrast.

Step 3 The sky needs to be more dramatic, so, using a large soft brush with the Flow at 40%, create a new layer, set the blending mode to Color Burn, and brush some blue into it. Next, find some images of clouds, bring them into the document, set the blending mode to Overlay and, using a layer mask, erase parts to blend them in with the existing clouds.

Step 4 We have our backdrop. Now it’s time to start populating the scene. Find an image of someone walking and holding a flag. Trace their outline using the Pen tool (P). Right click using the Path Selection tool (A), then select Make Selection and copy and paste him into the main document. Move and resize to suit.