This Masterclass follows Lucy MacLeod as she conceived and created her work Underwater Love. The piece was influenced especially by religious iconography and by Lucy’s recent interest in mid-20th-century narrative and lifestyle illustration – as featured in pulp-fiction paperbacks and magazines from the 60s – but also has a clear contemporary twist.

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The tutorial aims to convey a specific narrative and atmosphere using hand-drawn, textural and digital elements. It highlights how to combine them while maintaining a balanced, readable image. Besides helping develop drawing skills, the tutorial will make you explore the issue of scale in the creation of an artwork.

Lucy says she wants to encourage you to use traditional fine-art methods and techniques in new ways in your image-making. Her emphasis is very much on going beyond preconceived boundaries in modern illustration.

Time to complete

Research and drawing 8 hours; scanning and Photoshop work 4 hours


Photoshop CS5 or later

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