Step 11
Now use the Pen tool to create a white moon shape, then select Layer > Layer Styles > Outer Glow and enter the following settings: blending mode – Screen; opacity – 75%; technique – Softer; size – 163 pixels; range – 50%.

Open element1.jpg from the cover CD or from the Zip file and paste it on top of the moon, setting the blending mode to Multiply. Create a layer mask for element1.jpg, then soften the layer around the moon shape.

Step 12
Open the rose image that you downloaded, and cut it out. Paste it into the image and tweak the colours using the Color Balance sliders (Cmd/Ctrl + B), and position it as shown. Create a layer mask, then use the Rough Round Bristle brush to mask around the edges of the roses.

Step 13
Open element2.jpg from the CD or from the Zip file and cut out the element, then paste it onto a new layer, setting the blending mode to Multiply. Move the layer so that it’s behind the roses, and soften it with a layer mask. Create another new layer and select Rough Round Bristle bush in white at 40% opacity, and paint next to the moon as shown here.

Open and cut out element3.jpg and element4.jpg from the CD or from the Zip file, and paste these materials behind those roses to give the design more balance.