Step 5
Open the file texture.jpg from the cover CD or from the Zip file, and desaturate it (Image > Adjustments > Desaturate). Create two new layers in your working document, naming the first ‘background5’ and the second ‘background6’. Paste the image into both layers, at the bottom for ‘background5’ and at the top left for ‘background6’.

Step 6
Create layer masks for both layers and grab a Rough Round Bristle brush set to 80% opacity. Use the brush to mask the layers as shown, then set these layers’ blending modes to Multiply.

Step 7
Create a new layer and name it ‘background7’. Set the Rough Round Bristle brush to black and paint at the bottom left of the canvas, setting the layer’s opacity to 7%.

Create another new layer and use the Rough Round Bristle brush in white to paint at the top right. Create a layer mask and soften the edges by using a Soft Round brush in 60% opacity. Set the opacity of the layer to 60%.