In our increasingly globalized, online world we have access to all manner of creative styles and influences at our fingertips. In this tutorial, we’re going to focus on Chinese traditional art, looking at ways to integrate this style with contemporary Western elements.

Chinese art places a lot of value in the skilful depiction of set elements, such as mountains, clouds, and flowers, as well mastery of watercolour.

Here, Peter Lin shows you how to create a piece that successfully blends Chinese and Western art styles without being cheesy, using Photoshop.

You’ll learn how to create soft, Chinese-style clouds using Photoshop’s Brush tool, and how to master the painting textures that are typical of Chinese art. You’ll also hone your layer masking and gradient control for an elegant, subtle finish.

The rose that Lin used is from Shutterstock; you can buy it from – or use one of your own.

Step 1
Open a new document in Photoshop measuring 3,750-x-4,961 pixels. Create a new layer, name it ‘background1’ and fill the layer completely with the colour #000222.

Select the Brush tool, choose a Soft Round brush in #131b53, and set the opacity to 30%. Use the brush to paint
the central area.