Igor Scekic is an illustrator, digital artist and graphic designer from Zagreb, Croatia.

Currently studying Graphic Design at Zagreb University, he’s interested in digital art, graphic design, photography and other traditional or digital art techniques. He has worked on a number of projects including book covers for Laura Kreitzer and Slobodan Vukanovic.

In this tutorial, Croatian artist Igor Scekic reveals the process of creating his artwork Language, Mind and Knowledge. The illustration was used in poster and brochure for the International Philosophical Conference in Zagreb in Igor's home country.

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The artwork was created in Adobe Photoshop using a combination of photo manipulation techniques to composite the lightbulb, face and brain into the work.

If you want to follow the tutorial directly, you'll find links in this tutorial to where you can download the photos from.

An additional touch was added with elements created with Silk. Silk is an online interactive generative art application. With Silk, it is possible to create very nice generative elements based on light painting - elements that could be used to spice up the artwork and add interesting details to it.  

A great thing about Silk is that it's a free application, so anyone can make their library of generative elements to be used in various artworks and designs.

Igor notes that to follow this tutorial, you'll need at least an intermediate knowledge of Photoshop.

Time to complete

1-2 days

Software needed

Adobe Photoshop (CS or later); Silk interactive generative art online application

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