Von Glitschka is principal of Glitschka Studios, and has worked in the industry for more than 23 years. He describes himself as an ‘illustrative designer’, and is always looking for an excuse to be creative.

Are you inspired by the mundane? The seemingly normal everyday things you come across? If not you should be, because what may appear to be nothing, can be turned into something unique.

Training yourself to be a good everyday observer and asking yourself questions such as “What else could I do with that?” will help you develop your art and unleash the potential of ordinary items; you don’t know how you could use something you’ve overlooked a thousand times to your creative advantage unless you let yourself experiment.

We’re going to take some things that most people throw away immediately – lolly sticks – and turn them into a design resource you’ll be able to use in personal and professional projects. It’s not hard, and there’s no secret – other than a willingness to live a creatively curious life.



Time to complete

1–2 hours

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