Creating a dynamic illustration in black and white is in many ways more difficult than a full-colour piece, but here comic artist Eric Kim explains how you can create your best work when constrained by applying a single colour. 

While Eric is creating a narrative piece in a manga style here, he believes the techniques behind it can be applied to almost any style, as there’s less distinction between types of artwork than many believe. “Illustrations, comics, pictures, drawings – whatever you call them – the outcome is the same,” he argues. “[They’re all] images, ideas, all coming out and finding themselves out in the open air. What I’m here to impart to you is just craft: it’s a very simple, practical way of getting your work out there, and in the hands of readers and aficionados alike. It’s a good thing, and the world might be better off if we were all able to get our dreams off our shoulders and into the public.” 

Eric created this illustration specially for Digital Arts

Time to complete 

1 day

Tools & Materials

Pencil, paper, pen, eraser, ink and brushes, graphics tablet, Manga Studio, Photoshop 

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