As London-based artist and illustrator Lizzie Mary Cullen explains: “There’s no right way to draw. People draw in different ways, to achieve different purposes. Some people draw to think through a problem, some doodle when they’re on the phone and others, like me, draw for the simple pleasure of attention seeking and showing people how amazing I am at it.”

Whatever your motivation, Lizzie’s Masterclass will take you through the process of how she creates drawings in her signature style of languid swoops and swirls. Even if you have a wildly different style of drawing, this step-by-step guide will give you insights into Lizzie’s creative process to help you improve your compositions in your own style.

Here she details how she created a recent work for The Other Art Fair ( The drawing of London’s new skyline-dominated tower, The Shard, measures over a metre long and 75cm across – and took about a week to complete.

Time to complete

One week


Rapidograph pens, Pental FP10 pen

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