Gareth Hughes is a Manchester-based designer, who has an interest in stories, music and writing. His spare time is spent on projects that allow him to explore unfamiliar creative outlets. In late 2011, he decided to try something new and began writing early incarnations of Gloam for David. Gareth’s love for musicians such as Atrium Carceri and Trent Reznor also inspired him to undertake Gloam’s score with little musical knowledge. Just something else he felt the need to do.

David Elwell is a multimedia designer from Preston, Lancashire. In late 2011, inspired by a friend, he made the conscious decision to create a labour-of-love project. Teaching himself the necessary programs, he set out to create a piece of work he could be truly proud of. Gloam was the result. David is now looking to establish a career in the VFX industry.

In this masterclass, filmmakers David Elwell and Gareth Hughes will show you how to recreate a shot from their short film Gloam, where a CG creature walks through a real-world wood. The beautiful film follows a horned wooden creature whose encounter with some fireflies leads to some strange experiences, leading up to a, well, you should watch the film above to find out.

We’ll begin by tracking our camera footage in The Pixel Farm's PFTrack, importing the match-moved camera into Maya and finally compositing our CG character into the live-action plate using The Foundry's Nuke

This tutorial aims to give you an understanding of a compositing workflow that you can use to create your own CG and live-action projects.

In the project files, you’ll find the clean plate (background footage) and rendered creature as image sequences.

Time to complete 

2 days


Nuke, Maya, PFTrack  


Files for this tutorial are downloadable from here.

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