In this masterclass, filmmakers David Elwell and Gareth Hughes will show you how to recreate a shot from their short film Gloam, where a CG creature walks through a real-world wood. The beautiful film follows a horned wooden creature whose encounter with some fireflies leads to some strange experiences, leading up to a, well, you should watch the film above to find out.

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We’ll begin by tracking our camera footage in The Pixel Farm's PFTrack, importing the match-moved camera into Maya and finally compositing our CG character into the live-action plate using The Foundry's Nuke

This tutorial aims to give you an understanding of a compositing workflow that you can use to create your own CG and live-action projects.

In the project files, you’ll find the clean plate (background footage) and rendered creature as image sequences.

Time to complete 

2 days


Nuke, Maya, PFTrack  


Files for this tutorial are downloadable from here.

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