Learn how to give Manga artwork some visual punch with our guide to creating dynamic images in Photoshop. See how glows can make your work stand out - and then follow along with our tutorial. Part one

Manga special effects

Photoshop is a hugely versatile program for drawing Manga art – and there are literally millions of different effects that you could add. For this tutorial, we have worked on a sample image, though you should use your own.

The aim of this masterclass is to walk you though some of the effects you can create to add extra polish to Manga art.

Study the techniques, then feel free to apply them to your own work. We arranged the image so the background is on a different layer to the main character – and we’ll mainly work on the background of the image.

However, to start, click on the layer containing your central character to select it. Switch to the Magic Wand tool and click on the orange part of the letter “g” on the right.

We need to select all of the orange parts of the layer, but don’t worry – you don’t need to click on them all individually.

Go to Select > Similar and Photoshop will automatically select all of the orange-coloured areas of the image. Obviously, you can use this to select a similar colour in your image.

Next, go to Layer > New > Layer via Copy to create a new layer containing all of the orange areas (or whatever colour you have selected). Rename this layer “Orange Glows”, or something similar.

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