Step 4 Shading areas with cross-hatching can enhance the feel of a piece or object within it. Again, the Scratchboard tool comes in handy because of its easy, fluid ability to create thin-to-thick lines in one stroke. I wanted to embellish the horrific image of the skeleton cowboy, so applying shading in a loose, rigorous manner gave the image more energy.

Step 5 Using the Scratchboard tool, shrink the size of the brush so you can add finer details such as cracks and facial hairs. Use your references to add final details such as wood grain, folds on clothing and other details to the environments such as the suggestion of a dirt road or the wear marks one might find on an old hat. 

Douglas A Sirois

Who: Doug Sirois was born and raised in Massachusetts. He has since illustrated and designed everything from children’s book covers and CD covers to clothing and apparel. Doug earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in illustration at CalState, Fullerton in 2009. He currently resides in Claremont, California with his wife Jenn, son Micah, his dog Miles, and his cat Willow. His clients have included MGM, Fox Radical Comics/Publishing, Interzone magazine and Rebel Spirit Clothing.
Software: Corel Painter 11
Time to complete: 2-3 hours