Doug Sirois was born and raised in Massachusetts. He has since illustrated and designed everything from children’s book covers and CD covers to clothing and apparel.

Doug earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in illustration at CalState, Fullerton in 2009. He currently resides in Claremont, California with his wife Jenn, son Micah, his dog Miles, and his cat Willow.

His clients have included MGM, Fox Radical Comics/Publishing, Interzone magazine and Rebel Spirit Clothing.

Graphic novels provide a great source of inspiration to illustrators, and within the myriad styles used by comic artists there are many that offer intriguing creative possibilities. Here Douglas A Sirois shows you how to produce a page that mimics the pencil-drawn styles of artists such as Michael Zulli.

You’ll learn how to turn thumbnails into sketches, develop perspectives for each panel, evolve your characters and create a hand-drawn feel to your work.

Douglas then takes you step-by-step through how to turn out a piece with a pencil-drawn look. The techniques you’ll learn will get results whether you’ve drawn the original piece in Painter or Photoshop, or scanned in a page of your own comic art, hand-drawn with a 2B pencil.

Discover how to combine different line thicknesses to suggest depth, use cross-hatching to add texture and consolidate it with fine detailing to bring some finesse.   

Time to complete

2 hours


Corel Painter 11

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