In this tutorial you will learn how to craft 3D type using a bunch of tricks Cinema 4D has to offer from South African designer and animator Jean-Pierre Le Roux.

Move Illustrator type to Cinema 4D

We will start with some flat vector type created in Adobe Illustrator. You don’t need that application to work through this tutorial – though if you do you’ll learn how best to take that type into Cinema 4D.

Create type in Cinema 4D

In Cinema 4D, you’ll learn how to use the Mograph module’s Cloner to speed up modelling processes. You’ll also learn how best to use the Sweep NURBs modifier, which is my right hand man in most of my work.

Jean-Pierre explains how to create a studio stage for our type to live in, from where you’ll move onto adding lights to the scene to achieve beautiful renders.

Edit Cinema 4D renders in Photoshop

Lastly, if you have Photoshop, you’ll learn how to apply grading and final tweaking to a render.

Software needed

Cinema 4D R13 or higher. Optional: Illustrator and Photoshop.

Time to complete

Approximately 3 hours

Project Files

(it’s free!)

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