Emilio is a young freelance graphic designer, who graduated in graphic design from the Academy of fine Arts in Naples. His specialisation is in branding, 3D illustration and motion graphics.

In his works, Emilio says he always tries to mix the fundamental basic rules of visual design with all the newest techniques of composition.

In this Cinema 4D tutorial, Italian artist Emilio La Mura will detail how to texture and render objects with a brilliant shine.

He begins by explaining how his Metaphysical Abstractism project was born, beginning with the references and artists that influenced the series. Then you'll learn his modelling, texturing and lighting process.

You will use boole and spline wraps for modelling, create shiny reflective textures, learn how to place the three-point lights making up the scene, and the create a perfect render.

The final part shows the post-production process in Photoshop.

Time to complete

3 hours

Software needed

Cinema 4D

Adobe Photoshop CC

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