Luis Armesilla – aka Aesthetic Therapie – is a Spanish designer based in Madrid. After studying Fine Arts in Madrid and Lisbon, he has worked in television, and for design studios and advertising agencies. His work denotes cleanliness and clarity, while respecting the essence of each project. 

In this tutorial, Spanish motion graphics artist and animator Luis Armesilla – aka Aesthetic Therapie – explains how he creates fluid-based type illustrations where the letters are formed from liquid.

Luis details the best workflow for this: from type creation in Illustrator to modelling in Cinema 4D, and fluid simulation in RealFlow. He will return to Cinema 4D for animation and rendering, and then add the final touches in After Effects.

It’s a creative process that requires a powerful workstation as you’ll be working with some dynamic effects. Even so, you’ll see that making fluid animations with RealFlow isn’t only for 3D magicians, and using it with Cinema 4D is easier than you think.

You can use this tutorial with the files provided in the project files, and you can also use it to make your own logo fluid animations and other experiments.

Time to complete 

4 hours


Maxon Cinema 4D R12, RealFlow 2012, After Effects CS5, Illustrator 3 or later


Files for this tutorial are downloadable from here.

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