Murilo Maciel is a 26-year-old illustrator from Brazil, and works as a freelance designer under the creative identity GrafikDust. His style tends to be an organic mix of different media – from photos and vectors through to handmade elements and textures. He cites movies, music, London, and psychedelia as key influences in his work.

Recently, illustrator and long-time Digital Arts contributor Murilo Maciel created a series of artworks to celebrate five years being represented by Shannon Associates. Here he takes you through the complete process of how he created one of these – a bright and colourful 3D typography piece that appears to made from parts of children’s toys and cut paper. 

“The main goal behind this piece was to create a playful and modern typographic artwork through the combination of simple geometric forms,” explains Murilo 

Even though the illustration was mainly done in Cinema 4D, most of the creative aspects behind this piece where planned in Illustrator. Murilo says that this process not only gives you more freedom while creating each character, but also gives you a very close approximation of how the final illustration will look like.  

After Murilo shows how he created his guide layout, and explores how he used Cinema 4D to bring the type into the warm bright world of 3D, he reveals how he was able to produce a complex and detailed 3D typographic piece.

In the project files, you’ll find one of Murilo’s typographic explorations showing how he developed his type, plus his lighting setup for Cinema 4D.

Time to complete 

10-12 hours


Cinema 4D 12 or later, Vray 1.2.5, Illustrator CS5 or later

Project files

Files for this tutorial are downloadable from here

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