Jean Pichot is a freelance visual artist currently living in Sweden. He has a wide range of experience as a creative/art director, designer and animator. Past collaborations include work with Tronic Studio, The Ebeling Group, Trollbäck+Company, Transistor Studio, MK12, Convert, Leroy & Clarkson, and Frame DK.

Cinema 4D is the natural 3D suite for designers and illustrators, who are used to Adobe’s Creative Suite tools. Indeed, its interface has much in common with Adobe’s UI. Here Swedish 3D artist Jean Pichot takes you through creating your first 3D scene in a way that’s tailored towards the Cinema 4D newcomer, who is already familiar with Photoshop or Illustrator.

Jean provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Cinema 4D’s interface, but still leaves you lots of scope to play with the look and settings of the graphic elements – so you’ll learn through experimenting and create an end product that’s your own.

This tutorial’s artwork is based on a series of abstract design explorations that are focused on some simple shapes. Jean shows you how to create a simple base – two spheres side by side in Cinema 4D – then use a deformer to blow it apart. You’ll then learn how to apply materials and lighting, set up a camera and adjust rendering settings for the perfect results.

Next month, Jean will show you how to push the render even further by adding further dynamic geometric shapes in After Effects, plus add some slick typography. Part of the workflow you’ll learn this month involves arranging your elements in the right way to make working on them in tools such as Photoshop easier – and to make going back to tweak elements in Cinema 4D simpler.

Time to complete 

3 hours


Cinema 4D R12 or later

Project files

Files for this tutorial are downloadable from here.

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