This free Maya plugin creates renders of exceptional quality – and you can download it for free now.

Finding the ultimate render engine is something that many artists try to do - but it always feels like a compromise has to be made. You can have speed, accuracy or a shallow learning curve. Finding a solution that covers all three is rare – but here’s one that achieves the triple.

AMD’s Radeon ProRender is a rendering engine for Maya, 3ds Max, Rhino, SolidWorks and (soon) Cinema 4D that offers both live viewport material preview and final production renderers. And it works even if you have a non-AMD graphics card or chip.

Not only do you get the capabilities of one-click GI based on native lights, IBL or any combo - but it’s built to use the best of any given system, whether the CPU(s) or GPU(s). What’s more it caters to the forward thinking artist with support for VR renders of various kinds.

What really shines though is the efficiency. It’s fast and scales nicely with your hardware but it’s incredibly easy to get to grips with. Often you can achieve what you need in two or three clicks, with production ready results.

Read on to see it in action and learn how to texture, edit, light and then render a scene in just a few simple steps, then get it for yourself and try it. If you need any more motivation there’s also the fact that it’s free. Not limited to 30 days, or output size. Actually free. Consider it an extra Christmas present from AMD to you.

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