Colour correction – also known as colour grading – is the process of altering the brightness and colour values of a video. While many of today’s modern video cameras (and still cameras that shoot video) can produce great-looking shots automatically, sometimes you’ll still want to manipulate the colour 'in post'. Common reasons for doing so include:

  • Correcting for mistakes you made during the shoot, such as over- or underexposure or incorrect white balance.
  • Matching shots taken at different times and/or locations so that they look as if they were captured at the same time and place.
  • Creating a particular look or style to support a mood, such as making a scene appear bright, warm, and cheery, or dark, cold, and foreboding.

Regardless of your goal, Final Cut Pro X includes powerful tools for grading your video. Let’s get familiar with them as we explore the basics of colour correction.

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