Self-taught motion graphics and 3D artist Buwaneka Saranga lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He uses the digital medium for most of his artworks, but also creates sculpture from clay. He’s currently studying for an HND in filmmaking. 

In this tutorial, Sri Lankan VFX artist Buwaneka Saranga will teach you how to seamlessly remove a multitude of objects from a moving piece of footage by removing all of the cars from the shot (above and right).

This isn’t like clone stamping an object out and matching the slight camera shake of a static shot – a moving shot has a change in angle and perspective.

The technique used in this tutorial involves camera projection. You may already know how to do a camera projection in After Effects, but for you to be able to do the kind in this particular case, you need to download and install a script called Projection by Ben Rollason.

Achieving the same effect without this script would be very tedious and expression-heavy.

The footage I’m using is an aerial shot of a highway with lots of traffic, and we’re going to learn how to remove all the traffic.

The final shot is to be used in a forthcoming short film by Neumann Films.

Time to complete

2 hours

Software needed

Adobe After Effects CS6 or later, BR_Projection script for Adobe After Effects

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