For animation director Vida Vega, nothing quite compares to the tactile marks and texture you get with physical materials. “I’m always looking for ways to use digital techniques sensitively alongside more ‘traditional’ drawings to get the best of both worlds in my work,” she enthuses.

In this tutorial, Vida shows you a way of using particles that looks convincing as part of a hand-drawn world, while giving you a lot more control and flexibility over the animation than paper alone.

Vida has used particles to bring the snow in her drawing to life, but the techniques detailed here can equally be used for rain or dust, or other elements that would be laborious to animate by hand and a pain to edit.

You’ll also learn an approach to building animated scenes drawn from the traditional practices of hand-rendered cel animation, but updated for modern software like After Effects.

Time to complete 

Animation, 2 hours


Photoshop, After Effects 

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