Johann describes himself as a design person who does things like graphic design, photography, video and rides small bikes.

He has worked as art editor at Digital Arts, and contributed to magazines such as Ride, Level, Albion, Lodown Art and Cream.

Creative Cloud has given designers and illustrators access to motion tools they’ve had denied to them before by the prohibitive cost of the Master Collection. With this in mind, we’ve began creating tutorials for tools such as After Effects and Premiere Pro specifically for experienced users of tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

In this tutorial, designer Johann Chan will show you how to animate a multi-layered illustration.

You’ll take a multi-layered Photoshop document, import it into After Effects and inject some life with motion tweening and opacity changes.

After that we add a soundtrack in Premiere, then export an animated editorial illustration. 

For this tutorial, we’re working with the end-result of Johann’s previous tutorial on creating a pattern illustration built from vector elements. You can do this with your own project if you like. If so, prepare a six-layer Photoshop file. Include separate components on each layer, and one background layer.

The file we’ve used is 1,024 x 2,324 pixels, as it's to sit within a tablet magazine that’s designed to be read in portrait format. 

Time to complete

3 hours

Software used

Adobe Photoshop CS3

After Effects CS3

Premiere CS3

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