It all started with a story that animation illustrator Ben Mounsey – aka Green Glasses – wanted to create. He wanted something breezy, light and cheerful and what could be better than a tale of boy meets girl? Drawing on his own naturalistic vector style, he’s given Boy Meets Girl the simple shapes and bold colours of traditional cel animation from a pre-digital age.

Ben created this tutorial to show the basic principles of animating in After Effects, the most important techniques he learned when he first started using the animation and motions graphics application. He shows you how to tailor an illustration for animation, the best way to import it into After Effects, and how to create a simple walk cycle. He’ll cover a some key AE approaches – including animation using the Puppet tool and Expressions – that you can expand upon in your own work.

Here Ben has focussed on a single character, Joe, from Boys Meets Girl, but these techniques were also used to create the rest of this animation, and other work too.

Time to complete

2 hours

Software used

Adobe Illustrator CS4 or later
Adobe After Effects CS4 or later

Project Files

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