Harry stumbled into motion graphics as a starving musician. He lives in Detroit south of 8 Mile, earning a living as a designer, teacher, and rock star.

This tutorial will allow you to develop a deeper understanding about mattes, and how they can be used to apply texture and transparency to your layers in After Effects, by putting together a five-second television bumper in Adobe After Effects.

Starting with some basic images (and the AE project file included in our download), we’re going to dirty up some clean computer type to give it a realistic feel. You’ll use 3D space for positioning the image, and use the images and textures supplied to create the five-second effect shown in step 10.

You will then learn how to nest compositions, use a Null object to control camera movement between scenes, and gain a better understanding of the Collapse Transformations switch.

Remember, the key is to have fun, and apply what you’re learning to your own projects.


Adobe After Effects

Time to complete

One hour


The resources for this tutorial can be downloaded from here

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