Self-taught motion graphics and 3D artist Buwaneka Saranga lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He uses the digital medium for most of his artworks, but also creates sculpture from clay. He’s currently studying for an HND in filmmaking. 

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to animate icons in 3D in After Effects – without having to use 3D software like Cinema 4D or Maya.

The animation consists of tubes forming the icon – and then a final reveal using masks. You will learn techniques using AE’s Graph Editor, shape layers and how to build sliders to control a wide range of parameters using simple expressions.

By the end of the tutorial, you’ll be able to animate any icon using the methods explained here by Sri Lanka-based motion design and VFX artist Buwaneka Saranga. Here I’m going to use the old Deviant Art logo, and you can see how it works with a bunch of social media-flavoured icons above.

Software needed

Adobe After Effects CS6 or above

Time to complete

2 hours

Project Files

Click here to download this tutorial's project files

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