Lesley Barnes and Bruce Cameron, along with Matt Saunders, recently created the incredible papercut animated video for the Richard X mix of Belle and Sebastian’s I Didn’t See it Coming (see our August 2011 issue for more on this). So we asked them to showcase how they work in this style.

Here Lesley and Bruce walk you through their creation, purely in software, of a dynamic picture-book world – this time inspired by the jazz of Kit Downes – with a king riding through a forest on his magical ram. The results pay homage to stop-motion paper animation – such as the amazing silhouette-based work of Lotte Reiniger – as well as folk art.

First they give an insight into how they design characters in Photoshop to move with vigour and expression. Then you can join in as they show, step by step, how to bring the king, his ram and his pet bird to life. Is the king fleeing from something? The story is up to you…we’d love to see what you come up with.

Time to complete

6 hours


After Effects CS3 or later, Photoshop

Project Files

The files for this tutorial are dowloadable from here.

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