Animator and designer Chris Moran works at The Neighbourhood, a creative studio in Manchester. Here, he recreates one of his favourite projects to show you how to create stunning title sequences in After Effects. The tutorial looks at some of the effects he used in the production of titles for the BBC show The Magicians.

He shows how you can add more life to 2D graphics, giving them a sense of a deep, rich, magical 3D environment. Additionally, just a few steps are needed for the CC Particle effect to create floating, glowing orbs for the camera to pass through. This effect is also capable of exploding custom graphics icons.

Chris notes that After Effects has many built-in presets that can be invaluable when you need to generate some quick background graphics. “You can get a lot of mileage by combining simple effects,” he explains. Being able to take advantage of the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of good timing and clever reveals is also key to achieving good results.

Time to complete

1-2 hours


After Effects CS5 or later

Project Files

Files for this tutorial are downloadable from here

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