Boston-based Pariah Burke is a creative professional trainer, and a design, publishing and digital publishing workflow expert. He is the author of a range of books including ePublishing with InDesign and Mastering InDesign for Print Design and Production

While web designers happily create beautiful, functional forms in HTML, the rest of the world is drowning in boring black?and-white PDF eForms. And dull forms means less response from your client’s customers.

The world needn’t suffer through filling monochrome boxes, though. Armed with InDesign CS6, you can design PDF eForms that are just as creative, engaging and effective as any HTML web form – and in this tutorial Pariah Burke shows you how to do just that.

You’ll also learn how to override a design-debilitating Acrobat and Adobe Reader setting to ensure your forms appear just as you designed them.

Time to complete

30 minutes


InDesign CS6, Acrobat Pro 9 or later


Files for this tutorial are downloadable from here

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