Bubblefriends, that is Sascha Preuß. He loves creating colourful vector illustrations. Bubblefriends have fun enriching the world with always-happy figures and pictures. In doing so, Sascha does not stop at illustration, toy or game design. Happy, cute and colourful are catchwords that are inseparably connected to the works of Bubblefriends. Vector is his main stylistic form, but trips into the world of painting and sculpture also define Bubblefriends.

When the exclamation "Oh how cute!" is heard from someone viewing an illustration by Sascha Preuß – aka Bubblefriends – he knows he’s created another winning piece. Sascha says that creating cute figures requires neither supernatural powers nor rare talents – it isn’t that difficult if you follow a core set of principles.

Here he reveals the rules of cuteness – plus how to stay the right side of the line between cutely hip and childishly schmaltzy. Step by step, Sascha will take you through the development of a character from the first sketch to the final colouring.

“Our small character is a can of bug spray who frightens every kind of insect with his little cloudy friend,” says Sascha. “Together they put the evil guys to flight. Cute but pitiless!”

Time to complete

4 hours


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