New technology is no new news, it’s the norm now.  3D printing, lasercutting and etching are readily available at our fingertips, they’re not whimsical glimpses of the future on Tomorrow’s World anymore, no longer a fad, trend or quirky toy.

Now that we know all about them and can experiment at any opportunity, it’s time to move away from the obvious lasercut keyrings and etched buttons and use this equipment to create true pieces of art.  

Barnsley’s ‘Enlightened Exhibition’ (made possible by Cutting Technologies and design studio DMSQD) brought together a selection of artists and designers to create lasercut pieces of art and furniture to show quite what’s capable of the lasercutting technology in 2014.

For the show, artist Ben The Illustrator designed a new surface pattern inspired by the Australian rainforest, a lush little scene featuring a Wompoo Fruit Dove, which he then developed into a (rather heavy) lasercut metal installation.

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